Body Positivity

Learning to see yourself as the amazing women you are.

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What Is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is appreciating the beauty that you possess even if you don’t feel that you fit the social norms of what beauty is said to be. The world is a hard place to live and we are surrounded by images of ‘beautiful people’ and that are not possible to live up to. We promote health and fitness on this site but that includes our internal, mental and physical health and that looks different for so many people. 

How Can I become more body confident?

There are many ways to help improve how you feel about your body and how you look. It is a journey and learning to love yourself for you who you are is a really important part of life. Making healthy choices in the people you surround yourself with, the information you feed yourself with and what you tell yourself is so important. 


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Treat yourself like your best friend

We were listening to a talk by Iskra Lawerence and she put things in such a great way to help us understand how we should talk to ourselves. When you think about your best friend would you tell them that they were fat or ugly? No, of course, not and so why would you tell yourself that? Affirm yourself of the amazing person you are and seek out your positives. The more that you tell your self the positive things about yourself the more you will start to believe them. Fake it till you make it!


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