Fitness Accountability Groups

Your Success Is Our Success

Doing things alone is hard. So let’s do it together!

What does it mean to be Accountable?

What I say next might surprise you. 

Accountability starts with you! Being in a community that is loving, welcoming and supportive is an amazing thing but in order for it to work, you have to show up. You have to be willing to put in the effort. The more you put into an accountability group the more you will get out. 

You don’t enter a group and from that day on we will bug you as to why you haven’t worked out every day and message and email and call etc. No, we are not here to annoy you we are here to support you and so if you check in each day saying ‘ hey team I worked out today and it was great’ we know what you have been doing. Maybe you will check-in and say ‘Hey team I worked out today and it turns out I hate Pilates but I powered through and did it anyway.’ Or maybe you will say ‘Hey team I didn’t work out today I had no motivation can you help me’ Now in all these situations we can respond encourage and help you. If you are checking into the group and then suddenly we don’t hear from you in a week then yes we will check in to see if there is something we can do to help you. 

Accountability groups are not to make you feel guilty or pressured but in fact to do the opposite to help you feel encouraged and know that you are not in it alone because we are all on our journey and this community we are building is going to lift you up and cheer you on and help you get the results you want.

What our groups inclulde


We aim to create a space where people feel comfortable to share what they want without any fear of it being shared elsewhere. We share sweaty selfie pictures, before and after photos and things that are hard throughout our journey and although these are not necessary, if people feel comfortable they know they can do so in a safe space.


We are all there to lift each other up. We are looking to build a community of people who are all on a journey to get fitter and healthier so all comments should be to encourage each other and help each other when we are struggling.


We are here to help each other out and our groups have many coaches in them so between us we will be able to address the concern or issue you might have and help you succeed. 

My Coach

Everyone who signs up for a fitness program with us will be paired up with a personal coach to help them succeed on their journey. Your success is our success. 

When you fill out the form to start a program your coach will contact you and help you pick the right program for you, work out achievable goals and then help you step by step to get signed up with your workout program. They will then help you decide what you will do for nutrtion and get you signed up for all the accountability groups and resolve any issues throughout your journey. 

Your coach will be your personal cheerleader and will encourage you as you go and help you when it is hard. 

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