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If you are ready to learn more about committing to your own journey of living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life then we want to hear from you. If you are looking for your workplace to be one that is built on community, encouragement and success, that gives you the freedom to work when you want and where you want then this is the place for you. If you are ready to help others on their journey of health, fitness and self-love then get in touch with us!

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The freedom of time is one of the biggest pulls into any freelance business today as it is so precious to us. Whether we are a busy mum, are busy with work or study or you are looking for a job that gives some physical freedom to move around this job can work into your schedule. The most time you put into the business the more you will get out of it of course but that time can be scheduled around what suits you. Some of our team only work when the baby is asleep, some work alongside a full-time job and some work full time but from the beach or the park. Being your own boss and setting your own hours is one of the biggest perks of working this business!


One of the big things about doing this business is that you need to be on your own health and fitness journey. This means that as your business progresses so do you. Being the proof of the product is the biggest sales proof that you can ever experience. Getting in the best shape of your life for job is definatly a perk. We can promise you that there is nothing more accountable that getting fit publically beause people can see when you ‘fail’. We are not saying it isnt hard because it is and sharing those hardships can make you more real and approachable. The difference is we know we are going to succeed past those harships. 


Financial Freedom, now isnt that a dream? Well we can tell you that working this business people in our teams have managed complete financial freedom. Now that means something different to different people but here are some examples from our team: some of our women have made enough to retire their husbands, some have earned the big bucks and made 6 figure sums, some have replaced their ‘normal’ jobs and were able to quit being lawyers, office workers, estate agents etc. some of our team work as a side hustle and this money is their play money. This business has the potential to make your dreams a reality.

Girl Boss

So What Does It Actually Mean?

So that may all sound good to you but what do you actually have to do as a coach? Well, the first step is that you take your own fitness journey and you share that with your friends and family and the other people on social media. Being proof of the product is key to this business. The next thing is you are going to invite people to join you. You can join them to do a program and earn commission on their purchase and then encourage them on their journey or you can invite them to coach like you and then they become a part of your team. As your team grows so does your income. That is the job and the more people that you invite the more people to get involved and the more money you make. The whole way through your experience you will work alongside a dedicated coach who will help you to succeed. There are so many training available to you that it can be overwhelming and so your coach and the other coaches in your team will all come together to help you with anything you need. That is a great side effect of this business is that through doing all this you are going to meet some of the most amazing people who are all on a similar journey and are going to embrace you into their community.

Got any questions then let us know and we are happy to answer them for you and we cant wait to girl boss together!