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Decide. Commit. Succeed. 

“With FOCUS T25, Shaun T brings you short, intense workouts that give you ridiculous results. 25 minutes is all it takes for you to get those ripped abs, lose the baby fat, and get your six-pack.”

T25 is 25 minutes a day of intense workouts. You will push yourself harder than you ever thought you could and you will not believe you can get results like that with only 25 minutes a day. 

The program is split into 3 levels and you work through your foundation level until you feel confident enough to level up.

Are you telling me you don’t have enough time to get in shape? Here is the answer you have been looking for! 

Who is T25 For?

FOCUS T25 is an introductory/intermediate fitness program. This means it’s easy enough—if you modify—for anyone to do, but also hard enough for those who have a fitness base and are just out of shape to get great benefits from. It’s not INSANITY, but most people will find it plenty difficult and will be ready for INSANITY by the end.

Is this program for beginners?

Yes. If you are a beginner and you are ready to really commit then you can do this program. As Shaun Says you can do hard things!

What equipment do you need?

Light weights and/or one or two resistance bands. A mat and a good pair of shoes will make things more comfortable.

Will this program work for me if I only follow the modifier?

Of course, as long as you work without the modifier as your fitness improves. You only get out of it what you put in.

How will I be supported?

We will provide a private group with your coach and other participants on a similar journey and together we will share our journey support one another and work together to keep you on track!

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Steps of the Journey


Start Your Fittness Journey

The first step of your journey is to follow the fitness schedule. When you are all signed up there is a schedule that will tell you what video to follow that day. This will keep you on track and make sure you are seeing results. 

Each video lasts for 25 minutes and will work your body to the limit in that 25 minutes and you will see your fitness improve so fast!

The program gives you a challenge for those who are taking their fitness seriously and are ready to give it there all but are limitted on time to do that.

You will find that some things that are tricky in the first week will start to become a little easier in the last week. 

There is a modifier Tania who will give you the low impact versions of the excersizes. 



Pick your Nutrition Plan

Within the site we have many different options. The recommended program for T25 is Shaun’s nutrion plan of 85% to 15%. However nutrition is not one size fits all and so work with your coach to find the right eating plan for you. We dont believe in diets here so we are creating healthy habits that you can sustain for life. 



The key to succeeding in this program is to surround yourself with a support network and accountability group. We will pair you up with a coach who will look out for you and help you with any issues you might be having and help you get to the place of success. We will have an accountability group that has many coaches and other participants in it and together we will show up each day and log our workouts, share our sweaty selfies and tell one another the things that were hard from the workouts. These groups are completely private and anything you share can only be taken out from the group if you request it. 

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